Are You Losing Money Due to Poor Work Holding Solutions?

Machinists and production engineers are often challenged by workpiece variations: some are thin walled while others are oversized or irregular in shape. In such cases, a standard chuck may not be the ideal workholding solution.  It is often possible to develop clever work-arounds, like fixtures. But these are not economical for line and batch production.

Work Holding Solutions

Moreover, it is well known now that re-working after rejection, is a very expensive proposition, as several resources have to be provided for reworking. In a production scenario, where resources are based on set-up times, tightly tied in with optimizing costs and machine utilization, it is not practical or economical to provide such resources.

If you can’t hold it, you can’t cut it

We all know that the goal of workholding is to locate, orient and hold the workpieces precisely in place. This is not an issue when the workpieces of simple geometry, are easy to hold; problem arises when the workpieces are complex, such as non-cylindrical, unbalanced and heavy, or location and orientation is difficult. So, what is the effective solution in such cases? This is where GMT comes in: to address these issues with modern workholding technology. The solutions we offer do not just reduce setup time but also increasing productivity!

Why GMT?

GMT was founded in 1959 as precision machine tool manufacturer. This was the time when the manufacturing industry was dependent on imports for custom workholding devices such as chucks. Later, GMT began developing custom built chucks when it was approached by HMT, BHEL and other companies looking for efficient workholding and import substitutes.

GMT invested time and money to develop custom built chucks. The key factors while developing special work-holding were:-  speed, efficiency and cost and ease of handling and use. We designed and supplied custom workholding that improved quality and efficiency, saved on material costs, increased safety and helped to standardize processes. Since then, GMT has become the benchmark in India when it comes workholding.

GMT Work-holding Range

GMT Special Chucks & Work-holding: Eccentric Compensating, Eccentric Compensating with retractable jaws, Quick Change Jaw, Universal Ball Lock, Power Operated Hand Indexing, Auto Indexing, Twist Finger, Diaphragm, Collet Chuck, Crank Shaft Machining Chuck, Grip down, Friction Welding Chucks, Knuckle Fixture Chuck, Expanding Mandrel and several other custom made chucks.

Want to Reduce Your Production Costs?

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