Fast and precise bolting and positioning process


The electronically programmable clamping system EP and S3 is used in all areas of machine tool and plant construction where fast and precise bolting and positioning processes are required.

BERG offers the electronically controlled servo drive with flange-mounted gear for this task, which can be programmed via the selected parallel interface / Profibus DP interface. The servo motor traverses the idle stroke to the clamping position very quickly at maximum speed, in order to then apply the clamping jaws for the actual clamping process at low rotational speed and to build up the clamping torque controlled via the motor current. The resolver system integrated in the servo motor makes it possible to dispense with all external path measuring systems and initiators. Only a simple, clearly defined electric interface remains for machine controls and for the mechanical design of the drive, which has to be adapted to the respective task.

Functional features

A multitude of possible functions enables individual, flexible adaptation to all automatic clamping and positioning tasks:

  1. Due to the self-contained clamp controls, the user does not have to care about the internal details of the clamping system. Clamping functions are exclusively invoked by the higher ranking control system
  2. The profiles of the different workpieces can be filed in the clamp control system and then individually invoked
  3. Automatic sequences integrated in the clamp control system allow absolute operating reliability without proximity switches
  4. Maximum protection of the device is ensured as a result of the controlled contact in the fixed stops – even in unclamped position
  5. Minimum cycle times can be achieved as a result of the independent rotational speed for the idle run and clamping process
  6. The device is checked for smooth running at every clamping / unclamping process
  7. Manual inching function for unclamping and clamping
  8. Retensioning function
  9. Each selected function is acknowledged following its execution
  10. Precision of the clamping torque ±10 % of the set value
  11. Protection type IP 65, switch-on duration 40 % switch-on duration S3
  12. Parameterisation software used to change the clamping parameters (torques, paths, speed)

Functional features of Profibus DP interface

The version with Profibus DP interface does not require the D / A converters used to enter the set point value and no time consuming hardware wiring has to be performed. Essential additional functional features of the above include the following:

  1. The clamping parameters in the PLC program of the machine control system have been changed. A PLC function module is available for optimum interface handling. The drive relevant set point values are transferred directly within the program.
  2. Fast transfer of the I / O data
  3. Diagnosis data is taken over directly in the machine control system
  4. Fast, flexible adaptation to specific requirements of the individual applications during the project planning

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