Depending on the selected clamping set type and the machine requirements complete clamping and chucking systems are available in combination with the various actuation elements.

The above chart is provided for the purpose of allocation and selection. The actuation devices are described and depicted in detail in the specific data sheets. Please contact us for more information for clamping and release systems which are not detailed. Interfaces HSK-hollow shank tooling according to DIN 69893

Since the standardization of HSK hollow shank tools according to DIN 69893 their market share has been steadily growing due to their technical advantages and will continue to grow in the future. Moreover in certain applications there is a tendency towards clamping forces which far exceed the values recommended by DIN 69893. Therefore, BERG-Spanntechnik have developed clamping sets for the different application conditions in the types HK/HKR and HSH.

The allocation of the clamping set sizes and types to the hollow shank tools with the various flange types is specified in the following table. Given the same clamping geometry, they are always allocated according to the tool shank diameter d2, irrespective of the flange size.