SSK gripper are primarily designed for drawing in and ejecting steep taper tooling provided with retention knobs.
SSK gripper are primarily designed for drawing in and ejecting steep taper tooling provided with retention knobs internationally standardized as per DIN, ANSI, MAS, JIS and ISO which allow fast automatic tool changes. SSK gripper are not only suitable for clamping tools, but also workpieces or workpiece holders and pallets on

machining centres
milling machines
boring machines
grinding centres
special purpose machines
handling systems
Grippers in special designs are available for other shapes in addition to the types for standardized clamping bolts. Actuation is mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical or pneumatic.
Design features
SSK gripper comprise four clamping segments which are captively connected to the draw bolt to ensure easy assembly. They transfer the clamping force positively from the draw bolt to the retention knob. It is possible to clamp tool shanks of the same steep taper with retention knobs of different standards using different gripper in a uniformly designed spindle. Refer to the following table detailing the assignments.

The version SSKS was developed for very high spindle rotational speeds. Their external design is identical to that of the SSK version of the same type. Gripper of the series SSK..JBS I(II) are always designed for the high-speed version. In comparison to the very high clamping forces of the SSK, SSKE and SSKF series, the SSKE – KH series are designed in favour of a considerably shorter axial stroke according to the generally common values. For new spindle designs the gripper style SSKF is recommended.

Ordering example : SSKF 40 DIN

Delivery scope : Gripper as per data sheet

Comments : Ensure that the connecting parts are designed so that the stop occurs in release position LS in the direction of actuation. Define the ejection stroke hA on the machine side. It normally amounts to 0.5 mm. The spindle contours A-D and F allow an ejection stroke of max. 2 mm. For the gripper of type SSK …JBS (spindle contour E) hA max equals 1.5 mm. The dimensions of the installation space refer to the bolt-down surface of the retention knob.