Used as the clamping system for the machine tool interfacing


The Hydrodock clamping system is used as the clamping system for the machine tool interfacing with changing processing units.For example, these include milling heads and attachment spindles.

Once the processing unit has been positioned on the machine, the clamping force is built up at the adapter ring by the segments being drawn in.

The absolute self-locking feature of the system guarantees a high mechanical stability of the interface in connection with maximum safety. Therefore, no permanent pressure is required following the clamping process.

Design features

A hydromechanical, force intensifying and self-locking clamping unit pulls in the draw-bolt and thus the collet. During this process, a very high energy density is achieved in a minimum amount of space by means of the integrated force intensifying gear. The collet engages in the adapter ring and draws it in until the processing unit makes contact and the clamping force has been built up. The unclamping pressure displaces the clamping dog forward and thus safely releases both the self-locking and the clamping action due to the changing surface situation.

Ordering example

Hydrodock 20


Adapter ring, adapter ring with spring-mounted lock, clamping force measuring device

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