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What is ‘Diabase’?

The term Diabase refers to a variety of rocks formed by the injection of gabbroic magma or lava as shallow dykes and sills under the surface of Earth, during a volcanic eruption. It exhibits a fine-grained structure which is ideal for Metrology applications. While Diabase is the preferred name in North America, it is also […]

Are You Losing Money Due to Poor Work Holding Solutions?

Machinists and production engineers are often challenged by workpiece variations: some are thin walled while others are oversized or irregular in shape. In such cases, a standard chuck may not be the ideal workholding solution.  It is often possible to develop clever work-arounds, like fixtures. But these are not economical for line and batch production. […]

Maintain the efficiency of your chuck with regular lubrication

All customers want a “quality” product. Having served the metalworking industry in India for 60 years, GMT prides itself on the quality of its chucks and workholding solutions and strives to deliver a product of the best quality to each of its customers. However any machine, or machine part can maintain it’s quality service depending […]

Worm and Worm Wheel Chuck Vs The Scroll Chuck

  The scroll type chuck consists of a scroll disc with scroll thread that meshes with teeth on the 3 jaws for simultaneous radial motion. On the rear side of this disc, there is a bevel gear which engages with the a manually operable pinion gear in the chuck body. In the GMT hand-operated chuck, […]

PV’s Daughter Remembers

PV started off machining automobile components, like gear blanks, for various companies he knew. Some of the rejects were used as paper weights, and when we kids visited the factory we played for hours, rolling them around and stacking them, while conversations on machining, allowances, tolerances, deliveries, payments and delays floated above our heads. Not […]