PV’s Daughter Remembers

PV started off machining automobile components, like gear blanks, for various companies he knew. Some of the rejects were used as paper weights, and when we kids visited the factory we played for hours, rolling them around and stacking them, while conversations on machining, allowances, tolerances, deliveries, payments and delays floated above our heads. Not … Read more PV’s Daughter Remembers

GMT Diamond Jubilee – 1959-2019

We are delighted to share that October 29th, 2019 marks the 60 the anniversary of our incorporation. Inspired by Mr. P.Venkat Raman (PV), who had a fierce passion for machine tools and dreamed of setting up a factory when he was still a young lad at school. In those days, when one started a business, … Read more GMT Diamond Jubilee – 1959-2019