CMM contract inspection service

CMM Parts inspection service to industries in Chennai

Guindy Machine Tools Ltd, offers a unique CMM contract inspection service to industries in and around Chennai. Furthermore, we have the experience, expert knowledge and technology to assist with your inspection requirements with video and optical inspection services. We offer in-house services to companies that do not have the capabilities, resources, or time to inspect their own product.

Also, we offer competitive rates for inspection with full CMM reporting facilities that can include own logo and company details. Finally, the coordinate measuring machines are calibrated to ISO10360 ensuring complete traceability of your reports.

Our extensive CMM Inspection facilities include:

Product Range / Details Accuracy
Grano 12-20-10 X-1200mm, Y-2000mm, Z-1000mm 3.0+L/200 µm
Grano 7-10-6 X-750mm, Y-1000mm, Z-600mm 2.5+L/200 µm
Grano 4-5-4 X-450mm, Y-500mm, Z-400mm 2.5+L/200 µm
Software Metrolog XG with Scanning and CMM Manager
Probe Systems Wide range of Renishaw products available for various inspection


Powerful, Metrolog XG measurement and inspection software from Metrologic group is the solution for any metrology requirement. Also, with Metrologic XG software, we can measure everything from simple prismatic parts to complex, free form contoured surfaces, CAD comparison with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Finally, with its integrated graphics function, we can generate reports that put a fresh perspective on dimensional data.

Scope of CMM Contract Inspection:-

  1. Prismatic Parts
  2. Free form Components- Direct comparison to CAD data
  3. Reverse Engineering with CAD export (IGES)
  4. Die & Mold inspection
  5. Drill Jigs & Fixtures
  6. Special Position Gauges
  7. Continuous Scanning with SP25

Guindy Machine Tools Ltd, is the quality choice for all of your CMM contract inspection needs. Contact us today.

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