The following features of the GMT 4 jaw chuck make this chuck superior to the other four jaw independent chucks available.CALL +91 87544 83577” or mail us at “esales@gmt.co.in

The chuck body is made of medium carbon steel forging, hardened and tempered to ensure the long life and strength of the chuck. This design also ensures flexibility and robust wear resistance. Additionally, precision grinding of the base jaw slots in the body ensures close tolerances for a good sliding fit. This results in play free functioning, high load carrying capacity and maximum wear resistance, and therefore the chuck can handle heavy operating forces.

The GMT system of independent four-jaw chucks has separate jaws and reversible hard jaws, which gives the flexibility to use special hard jaws to suit specific components. The hard jaws connect to the base jaws by tongue and tenon. As a result, they can grip a wide range of components, either on their outside or inside diameter.

Base jaws are made of alloy steel and case-hardened to provide adequate wear resistance on the surface. Also, they are deeper and wider for providing a large bearing area, which reduces unit bearing force, thereby increasing the life of the chuck. Square threads cut on the screws and on the underside of the base jaws ensure that they mesh with each other over a larger area. This results in efficient transmission and conversion of applied torque. Heat-treated screws also protect the jaws from breakage. Download Technical data


The GMT 4 jaw chuck is useful to grip rectangular and other non-cylindrical shapes for turning or facing. While it lacks the self-centring convenience of the 3-jaw chuck, it has other advantages.


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