Universal Ball Lock Chuck

universal ball lock chuck (UBLC) Universal Ball

The GMT Universal Ball Lock Chuck has some distinctive advantages over wedge and lever type chucks.

The design of the Power Operated GMT universal ball lock chucks (UBLC) ensures clamping of components and face butting. Power Operated Ball Lock Chucks have certain distinctive advantages over wedge and lever type chucks. Sliding and swivel of the base jaws, which are of ample proportion actuates jaw movement. The application of this chuck is for gripping castings and forgings. It pulls back workpieces with taper surfaces.

This results in less wear, less bearing pressure and less stress concentration in the jaws when compared to the same sizes of wedge or lever type chucks. Besides the radial clamping forces, this Universal Ball Lock Chuck provides an axial force to pull the component against the butting face. This is because the jaw movement is along an arc.

Wedge, base jaw, spherical aligner, spherical bushes are of Nickel Chrome Steel case hardened and precision ground on all working surfaces.

universal ball lock chuck

The  eccentric compensating type of Universal Ball Lock Chuck is for use where the component needs location between two centres. One end of the component can be mounted on the chuck body and one on the tailstock of the machine. Since the line of the centres is defined, concentricity is guaranteed. The design of ball lock chuck allows adequate freedom for the jaws to adjust and accommodate the irregularities of the job before the application of full clamping force.

Salient Features of Universal Ball Lock Chuck:

Positive pull back action against jaw face after clamping due to spherical movement.

– It is possible to grip either inner or outer diameter of workpiece with the universal ball lock chuck.

– Positive sealing to prevent entry of chips. This chuck is available in 2 jaw configuration.

Power Operated GMT UBL chucks are also available in 2 versions:
1. Self centering
2. Eccentric compensating

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