GMT actuating cylinders are designed for clamping and de-clamping workpieces on high speed chucks fitted on CNC lathes.


Hydraulic Rotating Cylinders (CH/CH-S) actuate the work-holding devices. Dynamic balance ensures that these actuating cylinders rotate at high speed and work at a maximum pressure of 40 Kgf/cm2.

They have a safety valve which maintains the chucking pressure in case of a sudden drop in the hydraulic oil supply because of power failure or bursting of hydraulic hoses. Two adjustable proximity switches control the stroke. Download Data


Hollow Rotary High-Speed Hydraulic Cylinders with Safety Valve and Stroke Monitor.

The body of the GMT make Hollow Rotary High-Speed Cylinder is made of light aluminium alloy casting. The distributor shaft rotates on special ball bearings, which facilitate the starting of the cylinder at a very high speed. Available in sizes 100, 130 and 150 Ø mm. Download Data

Please Note: Hollow High-Speed Hydraulic Rotating Cylinders (OCHNC/OCHNC-S/170/200) are no longer in production. High-Speed Hydraulic Cylinders (SHS) replace models OCHNC and OCHNC-S.


The GMT Pneumatic Rotating Cylinders actuate lathe chucks. These actuating cylinders work at a maximum pressure of 10 Kgf/cm2. The cylinder is mounted at the rear of the lathe spindle. The piston moves the drawbar, or the rod attached to it, axially to actuate the chuck jaws.

Download Data

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