Obtain fine flatness and surface finish

High gripping
A wide variety of materials can be lapped
Flatness to one light band (0.0003 mm) on 100 dia
Surface finish to less than 0.2 µRA
The advantages of lapping for obtaining fine flatness and surface finish have long been recognised by production and design engineers. Proper finish and flatness can be achieved with any of the 7 standard lapping machines in the GMT range, in bench and floor models.

Some reasons why lapping machines help to transform a costly, rarely used, hand operation to a fine accuracy economical process:-

Parts of different shapes, thickness and materials can be lapped
Because the lap plate continuously maintains its flatness, production is not interrupted
Appropriate diameters of the conditioning rings result in optimum lapping area
Lapping cycles are controlled by an automatic and adjustable digital display times
Super Finishing
A partial list of the materials that lend themselves to lapping : Cast iron, Tungsten, Plastics, Ceramics, Stainless Steel, Alumina, Silicon, Bronze, Stellite, Carbon, Ferrite, Aluminium

Pump manufacturers, electronic industries, valve manufacturers, etc., have found a sure way of obtaining positive sealing by super finishing and polishing.

Reverse Mechanism
Reverse mechanism is used to correct the flatness of the lap plate and avoid downtime for lap plate correction.

Models 300mm and 400mm dia

300mm and 400mm dia lapping machines are bench models and are robust. The lap plate and conditioning rings are made from special, close-grained, cast iron. The lap plate is supported on a preloaded taper roller bearing for maximum stability.

Standard Equipment

Heavy duty steel fabricated housing
Abrasive distribution system with pump, tank and infinitely variable flow control
Cast alloy lap plate, radially serrated
Three adjustable conditioning rings with yoke and bearing assemblies
Automatic lapping cycle timer
Drive unit, 0.37 kw motor with gear box
Reverse mechanism
Three pressure plates with lifting eye bolts
Three felt pads
Optional Equipment

Variable speed drive
Special lap plate for lapping tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc
A handy machine cabinet which permits storage for all accessories
Lapping Machines, Models 610, 900 & 1200 dia:

These sizes are constructed on a solid fabricated structure and heavily ribbed. Special attention has been given to the design of the main spindle bearings, giving great axial load capacity, maximum stability, long life and smooth performance even under heavy eccentric loading. Lap plates are manufactured from close-grained alloy cast iron, stress relieved after pre-machining and finally finish-machined and lapped in position.

Standard Equipment

Heavy duty structural steel with integrally mounted drive motor, gear reduction unit
Abrasive pump, abrasive pump, abrasive distribution system, complete with electrical control panel
Heavy duty work table, manually adjustable vertically
Alloy cast iron serrated lap plate
Three adjustable conditioning rings with roller yoke assembilies
Three felt pads
Reverse mechanism
Adjustable timer, tank, feeding systems with adjustable flow control
Removable drain container
Main drive motor with gear reduction unit
Three cast alloy pressure plates with eye bolts
Wrenches, instructional manual
Stirrer motor
Optional Equipment

Heavy duty, double acting, pneumatic cylinders, radially adjustable, mounted on a steel spider assembly
Variable speed drive
Special porus-structure lap plate for lapping tungsten carbide material
Provision for water cooling
Abrasive Tank

A pump feeds the slurry to the lap plate through an infinitely adjustable control jet which closely regulates the required amount of flow on to the lapping tungsten carbide.

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