Firstly, GMT has been the pioneer Cast Iron Angle plate manufacturer and exporter in India. Besides, GMT Cast Iron Angle Plates are made of high duty close-grained cast iron to IS: 210 Grade 20. Because they are well ribbed, which minimizes distortion, and are artificially seasoned as recommended in IS 2554: 1971.

Secondly, GMT Cast Iron Angle plates are offered in two grades, Grade-I and Grade-II. Further, they are manufactured in different sizes to meet a wide range of requirements. Both Grade-I and Grade-II plates are very carefully hand scraped to limits specified in IS: 2554: 1971. We offer plates finished to other standards also, such as JIS, DIN, BS and ASME.

Thirdly, a suitable number of T-Slots are available in one work face in plates of sizes 1 to 5 provided (See Serial Numbers in the table below). Besides, the other working surface has divided clamping holes. Furthermore, the T-Slots dimensions conform to IS:2013:1962. Also, sizes 6 and 7 are provided with elongated slots on both the working faces to facilitate clamping.

We offer precision-matched angle blocks as a convenient means of mounting and clamping workpieces for boring and milling operations.


  • Firstly, they are made from heavy, rigid section castings
  • Secondly, the working surfaces are hand scraped
  • Thirdly, the Length, Breadth and Height dimensions are maintained to close tolerances
  • Also, T-Slots are provided on the working surfaces to facilitate clamping


Deviation expressed in μm (0.001mm)

(LxBxH in mm) working faces exterior faces over dimension H of opposite faces & edges over their total length of end faces with respect to exterior faces as measured over dimension L
1000x900x1200 I 30 60 65 65
II 150 300 325 325
900x600x700 I 20 36 40 40
II 100 200 225 225
750x450x600 I 10 230 23 23
II 50 100 115 115
450x300x350 I 10 18 20 20
II 50 100 113 113
350x200x250 I 8 18 20 20
II 38 75 88 88
250x150x175 I 8 15 18 18
175x100x125 I 5 13 15 15

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