GMT Manual Chucks offer a significant advantage over other types of chucks, especially scroll chucks. The conventional bevel gear and scroll in manual chucks have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. This arrangement significantly increases the mechanical advantage of the chuck and therefore allows heavier machining forces. The quality of the lathe chuck is a significant factor in the accuracy and quality of parts produced on a lathe. A GMT chuck enhances the productivity of the lathe resulting in considerably faster and more efficient production. CALL +91 87544 83577 or mail us at

Hand Operated Chucks

The sturdily built conventional range of GMT manual chucks deliver high gripping force. The jaws have a worm & worm wheel actuating mechanism, in comparison to the scroll mechanism. As is well known, the worm & worm wheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power.

Each chuck comes with – one set of soft jaws, one number Allen wrench for jaw screws, one number chuck operating key with tommy bar and one set of body clamping screws. download data

Hand Operated Independent Jaw Chuck

GMT system of independent four jaw chucks has separate jaws and reversible hard jaws. This design gives the user the flexibility to use special hard jaws to suit specific component. Because concentricity is adjustable to suit the application, GMT Independent Jaw Chuck holds components of irregular shapes. It delivers a high gripping force. download data

Manual Chuck with Quick Jaw Change

GMT Manual Chuck with Quick Jaw Change meets the growing needs of the present-day small to medium batch production. Also, it is extremely reliable and ensures concentricity. Also, you can accurately re-position and reverse the component, or change jaws, with the Quick Jaw Change mechanism.
Further, the master jaws move radially by operating screw, which is in the wedge block. Pivot blocks inter-connect the three wedge blocks and transmission ring, resulting in concentric movement of jaws.  download data

Hence, all GMT Manual chucks are suitable for HMT, BECO, Vertical Turret Lathes.

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