Heat treated & precision ground, one-piece steel construction.
Metrology Cylindrical Squares also known as master cylinders. GMT uses high quality of steel such as T215Cr12 and T105CrMn60 with uniform hardness of the working surface (i.e.) both end-faces and the cylindrical surface, as per IST018 (Part-1): 1983.

The Cylindrical Squares are available in varying sizes upto 600mm length. Precision grinding ensures very high accuracy on the bottom surface and outer dia.

These cylinders mainly used for checking squareness of machine parts and fixtures, machine alignment, calibration of CMM and mainly used in metrology laboratories.

Furthermore, the hollow section in the center of the cylinder helps to reduce the weight, thus handling and storing is easy. Suitable detachable lifting handles are also provided for ease of handling. To avoid corrosion, GMT Cylindrical Squares are treated with hard chromic plating.


Finally, to increase life of the Cylindrical Square, guard against corrosion and wear. Store the cylindrical square in constant temperature and a dust free environment. Clean with lint-free cloth to avoid scratches on the surface.

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