Chuck for machining gears – While almost every industry uses gears: from transportation, agriculture to gears for automotive power transmission components. Also, manufacturing gears is a demanding, highly technical process that involves innovative technology throughout every step of manufacturing. Guindy Machine Tools Ltd.,have been developing innovative chucks and special workholding since 1960, giving us an insight to provide work-holding solutions for gear makers.

Machining quality gears is a complex operation and begins with the right workholding solution. Designing a workholding device for machining gears is challenging due the need for close tolerances. GMT pull down chucks not only enhances the accuracy of the manufacturing process but also reduces setup times. The common types of gears are ring gears, helical gears and bevel gears. We have also developed a special chuck to machine bevel gears.


GMT Special Pull Back Gear chuck is the ideal clamping equipment for machining gears. This chuck holds the gear during machining and is ideal for turning operations. The centering accuracy of the pull back chuck is very important to gear clamping. Above all, the pullback action maintains axial length and perpendicularity. Hydraulic power actuates the clamping. Furthermore, there is a large cost savings as GMT Special Pull Back Gear chucks stabilizes the machining accuracy and reduces the downtime.

Finally, this special chuck is designed and manufactured to customer requirements.