GMT Expanding mandrels are suitable for thin walled components
Expanding mandrels are the ideal solution to various internal clamping problems. Expanding mandrels provide the benefits of versatility and accuracy when compared to other workholding methods. The power operated, flange type expanding mandrels can be used on any machine with drawbar facility. The natural pull back action of the sleeve ensures the component is resting against the locating face. There is high clamping force due to the clamping sleeve being in contact along its entire length through double angle.

Expanding mandrels provide the following workholding features:

High gripping
High level of concentricity
Quick and secure clamping
Positive location against backstops
Controlled datums
Generous expansion capacities
Positioning accuracy
Sleeve interchangeability – As sleeves in one type are interchangeable, one single expanding mandrel covers a very large clamping range
No pressure marks in the clamped bore. Easy loading
Expanding mandrels may be dedicated to one component or a range of component types and sizes, locating in and gripping component bores.