Chuck for machining valve bodies – Almost every industrial process uses valves. Furthermore, valves find application in processing of oil, gas and petroleum, water and sewage, mining, power generation and other areas.

A valve regulates and controls the flow of gases, liquids and slurries. The fluids flow in direction of lower pressure from higher pressure. As a result, you can control the flow of liquids by opening, partially opening and closing the valves.

Above all, the manufacture and machining of work pieces like Valve Bodies, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Two-port Valve, Three-port Valve, Four-port Valve, High Temperature Speciality Valve, Nuclear Valve is easier with GMT Indexing Chucks. Indexing chucks machine components with intersecting axes in one single chucking operation.

Also, the integral hydraulic cylinders perform clamping, unclamping and indexing. The chuck for machining valve bodies comes with a dedicated power pack.


The manufacture and design of this chuck for machining valve bodies meets customer requirements. Finally, provide us, preferably with a 3D Model of the component or send us the component and drawings (the drawings of the forged component along with operation and machine details). The drawing can be in .dwg, .pdf, .jpeg format.