Chuck for machining Steering Knuckles – GMT helps to provide the best workholding solutions to increase productivity. Also, GMT special application chucks are used in manufacturing of auto components, white goods, or valves and a wide range of other metal components. Here’s an innovative product in our lathe chuck range; particularly suited for machining steering knuckles for automobiles.


A chassis is the basic framework of your vehicle which houses the braking system, all engine parts, suspension and steering. It is one of the most important components of a vehicle as it provides support and contributes to the strength and stability of the vehicle.

The steering knuckle attaches to the suspension components of a vehicle. It holds the front wheel and allows it to turn. Consequently, steering knuckles come in different shapes and sizes and acts as a connecting point between suspension and steering. The steering knuckle is crucial to the stability of the vehicle and hence it should be manufactured with high precision.

Furthermore, the design of this chuck for machining steering knuckles, ensures accuracy and high productivity. Above all, it combines centering and clamping function ensures secure gripping.


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