A finger chuck is a good example of an axial gripping chuck. These chucks are known as finger chucks due to their finger-like pull back gripping of a part. It grips unusually shaped components, where only an axial gripping force can be applied. Aluminium wheels are a typical application for this chuck.

GMT has developed a specialized finger chuck for second operations where radial clamping is not possible. The axial tension results in distortion-free gripping of the workpiece. Additionally, this chuck has a workpiece locator to ensure the exact location. A suitable locator locates the component centre. Furthermore, the fingers, located in a rod with a helical groove, ensure that the component is flat against the chuck. Also, this enables loading yet ensures accurate location.

A hydraulic cylinder actuates the chuck fingers, which swing in and clamp the component in a single motion. The actuator pin is located on a helical groove for actuating the finger chuck. During de-clamping, the fingers lift and swing outwards, thus releasing the component for unloading and loading. Also, the finger chuck firmly clamps the component without any distortion or surface damage.


  • Chuck has a locator for locating the component
  • Power Operated Twist finger chucks cannot perform without locating the component
  • Fingers are located in a rod, which has a helical groove
  • Actuator pin located on helical groove for actuating the finger. Fingers during clamping and de-clamping lift, swings in and out, for component loading and unloading


These chucks are widely in the following industries and applications:

  • Automotive
  • Components
  • Oil, Energy & Wind generators
  • Heavy duty machines
  • Pump housings
  • Aerospace

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