The GMT Collet chuck is available in three sizes: 26mm, 36mm, 42mm and 60mm. These chucks are interchangeable with GMT power chucks. The machine’s existing hydraulic cylinder and drawtube can actuate the chuck jaws. These chucks were originally developed to machine smaller parts and for bar feeding applications. The design of the chuck allows for additional tool clearance and reduces deflection, and provides a better grip.

Collet chucks run at high speed and are lighter than conventional three-jaw chucks. This reduces the negative effects of centrifugal force. Since the collet wraps around the workpiece, there is better engagement with the surface of the workpiece and more consistent gripping. The uniform 360-degree support over the entire workpiece circumference makes it suitable for tubes and thin-walled parts.

Furthermore, the design eliminates part pullback. These chucks have a tapered sleeve that pushes forward over a collet to compress it, resulting in precise Z-axis positioning. Also, the units are balanced for high-speed operation.

Available in gripping capacities from 10mm to 63mm diameter.

The draw tube moving forward from the machine spindle actuates the chuck. Similarly, the drawtube moves towards the machine spindle and slides the bar against the pusher, resulting in consistent Z-axis positioning of the bar.


As a result, the GMT collet chuck increases production from bar feeding. It uses both multi bore and spring collets and comes in three sizes:  26mm, 36mm, 42mm and 60mm.
Special Application Chucks
Apart from Dead-Length Operation, GMT also offers special application, Pull Back Collet Chucks, as shown below:


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