Used for device and pallet clamping on machine tools


Zero point clamping systems of the NSM-HV series find application in device and pallet clamping on machine tools. Clamping systems and attendant clamping bolts achieve maximum repeat precision of the clamping position. In the version with blowing-off device, lock and lift-out stroke, Berg Clamping Head-NSMPV is safe even without personnel.

Due to the mechanical clamping principle with integrated force intensification and locking feature, the clamping system is also suitable for pallets, clamping towers, swivel tables and vertical applications. Therefore, the clamping system can be installed as double, quadruple or customer designed multiple application.

Design features of Berg Clamping Head-NSMPV

The shape and positional accuracy of the centring cone and horizontal support surfaces guarantee maximum repeat precision during a device and pallet change. The central, spring supported cover and blowing-off of the support surfaces, cover as well as cone make the clamping system insensitive to soiling. The clamping bolt is drawn into the clamping system by a spring actuated collet. During this process, the spring force is intensified by an integrated gearing. Consequently, the integrated hydraulic piston unclamps the locking device and releases or ejects the pull stud. Modified versions, e.g. with integrated media transfer are available upon request.

Ordering example

Clamping systems at equal height 0.005 mm


Solid bolt, sword bolt, retaining bolt, clamping force measuring system

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Automatic clamping systems for workpieces and tools for machining and forming machine tools, as well as handling them, belong to the extensive range of Berg products and services.

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