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Here are some of the featured products from the wide range of products we manufacture. The range includes power chucks, special chucks and lapping machines

CNC Lathe Chucks :

GMT Power Operated High Speed With Through Bore are designed to rotate at high speeds on CNC lathes. [View]

Hand Operated Chucks :

The conventional bevel gear and scroll have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. The worm & wormwheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power [View]

Auto Indexing Chuck :

Power Operated Power Indexing Chucks are used for machining valves, bonnet, universal joints and spider. Chuck index position: 4 x 90° , 3 x 120° , 2 x 180°. Indexing takes place during the rotation of the main spindle. Besides, an hydraulic integral distributor performs clamping, indexing, locking, and de-clamping. Therefore, the component clamps by moving the lower jaw through an integral cylinder. The upper jaw is stationary. [View]

Ball Lock Chuck :

Firstly, GMT Power operated universal ball lock chucks are designed to clamp components and ensure face butting. Besides, Ball Lock Chucks have certain distinctive advantages over wedge and lever type chucks. Also, the jaw movement is by sliding and swivel of the base jaws. [View]

Finger Chuck :

GMT Twist Finger Chuck is ideal for clamping the component on face with centralized location, even more so where clamping on OD/ID facilities are not possible. [View]

Collet Chuck :

As a result of its design, GMT Power Operated Collet chucks are suitable for machining components like round, square and hexagon with finished gripping areas at high speed. Furthermore it finds application in CNC lathes and is interchangeable with GMT power chucks. [View]

Pneumatic Chuck :

The design of the Pneumatic Front End Chucks utilises in full, the spindle bore for bar/pipe work. Besides, this design avoids rear mounting of the actuating cylinder and necessary draw bar connections. [View]

Expanding Mandrel :

Expanding mandrels are the ideal solution to various internal clamping problems. They provide the benefits of versatility and accuracy when compared to other workholding methods. [View]

Lapping Machine : 

Firstly, production and design engineers know the advantages of lapping for obtaining fine flatness and surface finish. Also you can achieve proper finish and flatness with any of the 7 standard lapping machines in the GMT range, in bench and floor models. [View]

Granite Surface Plate :

GMT Surface Plates meet the DIN and IS Standards. Because we manufacture GMT Granite Surface Plates from select granite with uniform distribution of light and dark constituents, it results in a homogenous appearance. We manufacture Granite Surface Plates to precision standards using the highest quality granite. [View]

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