The GMT CMM – the indigenous advantage all manufacturers in mass production know the importance of precision dimension measurement and tolerance verification. GMT Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) can be configured to meet customer needs THE GMT CMM. The GMT Coordinate Measuring Machine – The GMT CMM is the culmination of decades of experience in machine tools accessories such as CNC Lathe Chucks and Metrology equipment such as Surface Plates.As a result, these CMM’s combine accuracy with functionality and practicality and are the ideal measurement systems for small-to-medium components of various shapes and sizes.A wide variety of state-of-the-art accessories to suit all dimensional inspection tasks are available.

The design of the machine structure is such that it is accurate to less than 5 microns. The accuracy is a length dependent parameter and varies with the size of the machine.

GMT has four decades of experience in finishing granite for this application.

The dimensional stability over a wide temperature range makes granite one of the best-known natural materials for use in dimensional metrology. Critical elements of the GMT CMM are of very high-quality granite, which is thermally stable and damp vibrations.


  • Offline programming.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • CAD Model import capability.
  • I++ controller compatibility.
  • 3D scanning with a wide choice of probing systems.
  • Interfaces with 3D scanner.

The machines are also available in a large range of sizes and designs with various probe models.

The GMT CMM is a bridge CMM with stationary table on which a bridge which moves. The probe is mounted an axis perpendicular to the bridge. The machine base, cross beam and Z-axis are made of rigid granite. All axes move on minimal friction air bearings.

Bellows protect the drive unit and scale of the X and Y-axis.



GMT diabase wear-resistant black Indian granite, precision lapped to grade 0 as per IS-7327-1991. More rigid, vibration resistant and temperature stable than steel. Threaded stainless steel inserts provided in granite base for easy clamping of components and fixtures.


Steel elements are used in the bridge for greater stability. The optimized bearing design also assures optimum stability of the bridge for precise volumetric measuring accuracy.

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