Metrology Services at Hosur

In the Indian metal-working industry, GMT’s name is synonymous with quality, service, commitment, and trust. GMT’s Metrology Division provides several services to help customers extend the life of their products.

While standard products like surface plates do not warrant pre-sales services, GMT’s Metrology Division makes special granite structures for various applications such as Optical Lens Grinding Machines, 3-D Printers, CT Scanners, Nano Scale Machining Centres and so on. Wherever temperature stability and vibration damping are important, granite is the better choice of material for the basic machine structure.
GMT’s engineers will work with customers to assess the needs of the product and design suitable structures.

Granite: Re-Lapping | Cast-Iron: Re-Scraping

We undertake re-lapping of granite surface plates, master squares, cubes, straight-edges parallels etc., if the damage to the working face is within re-workable limits. We also re-scrape cast-iron surface plate, angle plate, box angle plate, straightedges, cubes, parallels etc.

If there is a minor chip off at any point on the surface, the maximum material removal on the working face for granite is up to 1 mm, and for cast-iron up to 2 mm.

Large products of Grade 2 or coarser can be re-worked at site.

Generally speaking, the product has to be sent to our factory in Hosur, Tamilnadu, for one-off quantities. The product has to be inspected and the damage assessed, based on which we will send re-working charges to the customer. This is the best way to do it, as we have an NABL-certified environment and all the instruments required.

If there are other constraints in sending the product to us for re-working, or, e.g., the number of products is very large, we will arrange to visit to assess the damage and give you a quotation. After that, we will discuss the best way to proceed, to finalize the location at which the job can be completed.


We undertake to calibrate granite and cast-iron surface plates, master squares, cubes, straight-edges parallels, angle plates, box angle plates etc.,

Calibration can be done at the customer site for granite and cast-iron surface plates. The customer can send us our required details, i.e., the make, size, grade, calibration site, quantity, product description, standard etc., based on which we will send our quotation for calibration. But master-squares, cubes, straightedges parallels, angle plates, box angle plates etc., have to necessarily be sent to our works for calibration.

Our inspection instruments are periodically calibrated in NABL* accredited labs.
We also provide third-party NABL calibration certificate upon customer request at extra cost.

  • * NABL Credentials and Services (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration)
  • * We provide re-lapping, re-scraping and calibrations of products within our product range of any brand.

The plate has to be sent to the company to assess the damage and offer a quote. Obviously if the damage is extensive, reconditioning cannot be done. GMT will not cover gouges and cracks with resin. Larger surface plates like floor plates which cannot be transported are reconditioned by our teams at the customer site.

In addition, GMT will send its teams to train customers to scrape and maintain their turning and machining centres.

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