Precision Surface Plates

precision surface platesGMT Precision Surface Plates

GMT Metrology Precision Surface Plates meet the DIN and IS Standards specified in the specification sheet. Above all, Granite Surface Plates are m


Rigorous quality control inspection is carried out at all stages. Similarly, final inspection is carried out at a High Precision Computerised Electronic Level calibrated by an NABL accredited lab at regular intervals.

Accuracy Under Load

Granite Surface Plates are capable of supporting a total normal load of 25 kgs. per 0.1


Each plate comes with a certificate of accuracy as per standards in the specification.

Technical Data – Precision Surface Plates

Granite Surface Plates are available in five grades. The typical application of these five grades of plates is as under:

Firstly, GRADE 00 as per DIN : 876 : 84 is of laboratory grade. Hence, it is specified for precision measurement in gauge rooms and metrology laboratories.

Secondly, GRADE 0 is of inspection grade. It is specified for general work in quality control.

Thirdly, GRADE 1 is of tool room grade. It is specified for production checking work through the shop.

Finally, GRADE 2 & 3 are intended for use in shops for general inspection. As a result the choice of Grade 2 & 3 will depend on the application needs of the customer.


Also, we use select granite with uniform distribution of light and dark constituents for the manufacture of precision surface plates. Hence, in such granite the distribution of minerals is even resulting in a homogenous appearance. The following are the representative properties of our granites :

  1. Texture : Fine
  2. Specific Gravity : 3.08 g/cm3
  3. Hardness : Scleroscope over 90
  4. Modules of Elasticity : 9.0 to 12.0 x 105kg/cm2
  5. Moisture of absorption : Nil

Flatness Tolerance

The flatness deviation of a local area of 250 mm x 250 mm of the working surface shall not exceed :


Granite Surface Plates Stands

These are fabricated of heavy angle iron and reinforced to ensure rigidity. Also, the design of the stand withstands the weight of the granite surface plates and comes with 3 leveling screws for leveling the granite surface plates.

Optional Accessories

Suitable Rexine Cover to protect both the working surface and side faces of the plate at extra cost.

To meet special requirements we offer:

  1. Bigger size Granite Surface Plates with extra thickness.
  2. Surface Plates with inserts with drilled and tapped holes.
  3. Straight Edges.
  4. Master Squares.
  5. Granite Cubes.
  6. Master Cylinder made of hardened and ground steel.

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